Shadow eles not gaining Skill like they did before 110 went live.

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We used a shadow ele that was 80s in tactics and wrestling with a pet in the 70s.  Pet was on it for four hours with whispers.  Pet stopped gaining at a little over 100.   Shadow ele did not gain any skills in Wrestling or Tactics.  It did gain anatomy.

Expected result: 

Shadow ele also gains skill in Wrestling and tactics as they fight a pet.

Will be fighting beacons for a month so Someone else can test this also.  I hope we got a bugged Ele.

I wasn't there I helped a returning player set up on the correct ele. I went and lored it when he said he had not got pet gains for a while.


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    “I was unable to reproduce this, are you sure another player or their pet had not discorded your shadow ele?

    if there was more than one pet attacking the ele, the ele could’ve been aggroed on a pet that had wrestle/tactics outside the -/+20 wrestle/tact skill of the ele so the ele would not gain.”
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    Good I have been doing Beacons. Thanks for checking.  Now they are claiming that Beacons do not show up with tracking.   I think it is because we have so many player ships parked in the seas.

    There has literally been a parked ship behind every beacon that I have found so I can't prove or disprove that tracking is not picking up beacons.
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    uhhh. what?

    This thread is all over the place! o:)

    Remove or change casting focus & poison immunity it reduces the need for "Player Skill" it's garbage. rant2 Bring timing back and eliminate chance in pvp!
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    While Mervyn is checking things he can check beacons and tracking. We have plumbing issues so I'll be in a hotel for a couple of nights so no UO for me...
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