Number Runes

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From the Meet and Greet:

"EM Asiantam: he is requesting for an object I mean an Item showing 0-9
EM Asiantam: numbers
EM Asiantam: so he can place them on the floor
EM Asiantam: display them on the floor
Mesanna: a number rune?
Mesanna: for what purpose
EM Asiantam: he is creating Mind Sweeper in UO
Mesanna: hrm we would have to have a purpose for doing new art and hope most would enjoy it
Mesanna: not sure there is a need for rune numbers in general
Mesanna: but we can talk about it
Mesanna: but no guarantee ok"

A really nice purpose for 0-9 number runes would be to help organize book and runebook libraries. I and I'm sure the many others who run libraries would love to be able to place a visual number atop our shelves that could then correspond quickly to a card catalog book. Having to hover over (in some cases hundreds) of books is more than a little tedious. This could also aid in the organization of player vendors, too. You could even make it be something a carpenter or tinker could create!

An example rune library (Raistlin's Tower of High Sorcery) on Chesapeake:


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    I'm really not sure why this posted a half dozen times in error in TC, sorry about that..
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