Where are the mastery skills

I bought a level 2 book and click on it.  It was consumed said I learned mastery or some such  Now, where do I find the new spells I am supposed to have?  Someone said a book  What book and where do I get it?  Book of Masteries?


  • DrowyDrowy Posts: 117
    Yes, you need a book of masteries. There is a quest left of Eodon mooongate from hawkwind. A way easier one is one of the bard quest for the book. There are npcs in the music compendium in north Britain, if you have a character with at least 90 real skill in peace, provo or disco.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,182
    If you ask in General chat, or tell us here what shard you're on, and I'm almost sure someone will give you one.
  • HonkwompHonkwomp Posts: 44
    I finally got one for 35k  Thanks for the offer!  
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