Gothic theme pack and chest of sending.

Recently i read that chest is included in gothic theme. But after purchasing one I never got CHEST OF SENDING. Is it removed from the pack?


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    This is from the instructions on the Origin Store. Don't worry about the Legacy Token part, just enter the code you got with the Gothic Pack.

    "Redemption Instructions:
    • Launch Ultima Online and sign into the character you'd like to claim the token with.
    • Open your paperdoll (or character window) and click on the "Help" button.
    • Click the "Promotional Code" button at the bottom of the Help window.
    • Enter your Legacy Token Code EXACTLY as it appears in your code redemption email.
    • Your Chest of Sending will appear in your inventory."

    I believe you have to activate the pack via account management as well, to have access to the wall tiles. Doesn't say so on the Origin Store though.
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    Yeah the code you get from your purchase needs to be applied to your uo account then again in the uostore in game. I did exactly this last week and I got the chest in my pack. 
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    Only the directions have changed a bit...

    There is no longer a  promotional code button at the bottom of the help menu, it's in the UO store menu now.

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    Thank you all, it worked. 
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