Gargoyle berserk

Hi, everybody.  I am a little confused - does this skill counts as damage bonus or damage modyfier? If so, does it included in a Damage Increase from items or not? So I plan to remove anatomy. Is it reasonable? 
@Mariah , please update damage increase page ;  and add information about this perk. 

Also I am not sure if this skill is working. It definitely is not affecting my bard's Despair or Tribulation damage.  Usually if person is in pain - he\she will sing WAY louder.  :D @Kyronix I think this skill should affect all means of damage, including bard's some way. Mages and warriors are included, bards are out. Why?  

With gargish Mystic - i cannot see any difference.So is this perk working at all??



  • dvviddvvid Posts: 849
    It does work from what I’ve seen. My gargoyle is a mage and have noticed spells doing more damage once berserk is activated. It only works for spell damage (certain spells) and melee/ranged combat. 
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