Recommendation for Community Collections

Am I correct that in the collections that have displays, the displays decay if the donations aren't kept up?

If so: I recommend removing the decay. At present on most shards it's unlikely the displays will ever bounce back unless the rewards are beefed up but, if they ever do bounce back, they should stay. To have a mostly empty museum kills the point.

Don't worry about this change making things "too easy" because working the displays back will still take a lot of work. And really we're just talking about improving the aesthetics and immersion level of a shard.

Now if you want to beef up the individual rewards too, so much the better, but even just removing the decay would help. Then we can undertake efforts to build back the displays and just enjoy them. Could be a good "between events" project.


  • JepethJepeth Posts: 512
    This is a good idea. Anything that extends and reinforces gameplay into the towns themselves beyond simply shopping at npcs and going to the bank would be welcome. 
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    Outstanding idea  @Kyronix @Bleak
  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 1,129Dev
    Appreciate the feedback.  There's an item in our backlog to look at Community Collections, however I can't say when that might find it's way into a publish.  Our focus has been on what we've discussed in the previous newsletter as it relates to live and then will be on New Legacy.
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