Logging into linked accounts, not sure if this is right place but cannot find anything

I created a new account this week and subbed. I decided to ask support if they could find my original account from 1997-2004, and apparently they did. I was told to link the account. I went to account management and found a number of linkable accounts. I guess I had tried to get my ex wife to play a few times and those would be empty. I linked the account I believe is the recovered one. There are 2 accounts showing under subscription, but the second one does not say a username, just that I need 12.99 and says 1 month subscription. Before I linked the account, it ended in _uo- Is that part of the username now? I cannot find what the username was as once I linked it, it stopped showing the info. So how do I log into the linked account from 1997? I've subbed and worked hard the last 4 days on the new account, but I am willing to lose it if I have to, but there's no information anywhere. Also, if they recovered my account, would my bank still have its gear? obviously my castle is gone and everything inside, but I was hoping I'd have my toons, but again NO info anywhere. Help please? I really want to come back the best way I can.


  • FFS, there is a drop down at the top with linked accounts. It would have been awesome to have known that. I'll likely get it working now.
  • I reset the password, but still cannot log in. I assume I need to include the _uo at the end of the account name, but that didn't work either
  • I am in, thanks.
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