Corwyn Library Book Drive

*You find a magical communications crystal placed outside your door. You'd have never known it was there if it hadn't started making a clearing throat sound louder and louder until you picked it up.*


I, Tejnik the Marvelous, am magically here to officially announce the Corwyn Library Book Drive!

We mages are incredible! We can conjure food, creatures, power. Heck, even love with the right music playing. But not knowledge! That must be gathered the old fashioned way! The Corwyn Library still has plenty of room on its shelves for arcane and esoteric knowledge from across our realm. To that end, as Head Librarian I'm announcing a contest.

Submit originally written books of over 10 pages to the library and each submission will count as a ticket in your name for a million gold prize drawing! The more books you submit, the more your name is entered, the more chances you have to win!

I'm looking for original knowledge! Tell me stories of your heroic deeds, your history, your guild's tales, your city's founding. Of the history of our shard long ago. Stories of friends long gone and of the others you still see! Tell me stories!

The book drive will run until February 28th. Don't worry about read leafing the book as the library can fully support that.

(Please note, the library already has almost full sets of all the NPC or 'in-game' books so those won't count.)

The Corwyn Library is at 56 25 S, 33 40 W in Felucca. Drop your books in the mailbox out front!

Good luck!"

*The message begins to repeat, getting louder and louder.*


  • JepethJepeth Posts: 512
    edited March 2021
    Hullo everyone!

    Thank you to Feigr, Phoenix, James, and Violet Darkthorn for your book submissions to the library! These are some wonderful stories and I look forward to having them out on the shelf for everyone to enjoy soon.

    As for the 1 million gold prize the winner is:

    Congratulations Phoenix!
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    YAY Burd Lady! :)

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