Cupid Needs Your Help!

Hello firiends. Lady Rain, Governor of Trinsic here.  I was making my usual rounds of Trinsic last week and came across a very upset Cupid.  He was searching around in a bush outside of The Keg and Anchor like he lost something so i approached him to see if I could help.

Cupid told me how he'd had a falling out with his love recently.  She took some of their precious trinkets that held special memories from their time together and tossed them throughout Britania.  Cupid believes that if he can find these trinkets and return them to her it will prove his love to her and he may be able to win her back.  If planned an event to help him find the items but i fear we will need the help from all of Britania to help find them.  Would you help us?? Imagine a heartbroken Cupid on Valentines Day.  That wouldn't be good!  I'll give you details for the event below.

Meet at Trinsic Royal Bank at 7:30pm eastern on Wednesday February 10th.  Cupid and I will provide you a bag and a book with hints of what the items are.  You will have one hour to return the correct items to us. I will also create a chat channel called "Scavenger Hunt" for the event. There will be a prize for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd people to bring all of the correct items to us by 8:30pm eastern.  There will be a gift basket given to all who attend.  Don't be late we only have 95 spots!  I can't wait to see everyone there!  Thank you!!


  • The Scavenger Hunt starts at 7:30pm eastern tonight.  The prizes for the first 3 people to return all of the correct items will get a prize. 1st place will receive 20 mil and an undertakers staff, 2nd will receive 10 mil and an undertakers staff, 3rd place will receive 5 mill and undertakers staff.

    There are gift baskets for everyone who attends.  <3
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