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dvviddvvid Posts: 782
The way the bribing system works needs to be examined or at least more information needs to be available IN GAME regarding what happens when you bribe a BOD.

There is tremendous inconsistency between the crafting professions and the BOD bribing system. 
Lets say you have a small BOD for 15 wood items of normal quality.  Is bribing going to make it 20 wood items of normal quality, 15 wood items of exceptional quality, or 15 oak items of normal quality?  Lets say you figure..okay it will make it 15 oak of normal quality.  Try doing a bribe with a different profession and get a totally different result in how the logic works.

It needs to be made extremely clear what is going to happen when you bribe.  I can't remember how each system is going to work at a given time.  I'm not even using the bribe system anymore.  The result, BOD hoarding...running out of space.  Can something please be done about this?

While you're at it, some indicator of whether a BOD is part of an LBOD or not would also be great.  Maybe a search too.  I have no confidence this post will do anything...yet here I am...posting anyway.


  • ChrilleChrille Posts: 187
    When you bribe a bod the most likely change is material followed by amount and last quality, you can be lucky/ unlucky and get quality changes first and number before material aswell but the most common order are material/ amount/ quality.
  • dvviddvvid Posts: 782
    So it is random with some BODs?  If it is random....that just makes the system less efficient.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    I have bribed many many bods over the years and I have never had one change material type, the only changes I have seen is quantity increase or norm to exp.  
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    Bilbo said:
    I have bribed many many bods over the years and I have never had one change material type, the only changes I have seen is quantity increase or norm to exp.  
    Not sure if I am reading correct.

    You are saying these BODs started like this?  The normals like the 20 normal Valorite. Since you have not seen material increase w/o norm or quantity first.

    Those 10 normal leggings changed neither quantity or Normal/exc.

    I dont get BODs often but I do not recall getting Valorite ones this often.
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  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,969
    All I know is that it is a pain to get a Shadow BOD for PoF.  They jump to Gold instead.
  • dvviddvvid Posts: 782
    Material type does change on some. That is what prompted my post. 
  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,969
    Yup that 10 normal valorite leggings jumped in material every time.
  • MargeMarge Posts: 651
    I am literally filling BODs as I'm reading the forums and thinking about this very problem. (Read a post - switch screens and make 100 more shoes. Rinse and repeat...) The bribing system is extremely infuriating. I usually try to avoid having to use it but once you have 3 vendors filled with small footwear bods and still do not have the right one - ya gotta break down and bribe.
    Since we bribe them anyway, why not for an extra 100 gold get a choice of what gets bribed up. Maybe even a set rotation could work. This would take a little planning and organizing ahead of time but might be worth it in the end. Let's say it goes quality, quantity, then material. Sort into books or lay out in backpack in groups. Grab one from quality group and bribe - then grab one from quality and bribe, and so on. It could also always bump up quality first then the rest of the bribes for that BOD could be random.
    I'm sure I'll think of some options - I still have 5 trees worth of BODs to get done for 2021.
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