City of Skara Brae / Corwyn Library Contest!

*You see a message from Governor of Skara Brae Reeves Quick posted on the tavern wall*

"Hello, hello my dear Skara Braen citizens! I, your Governor, have a little favor to ask you. Now don't ignore this cause it could be profitable to the both of us! I'm trying to drum up a little information that has so far alluded me. Information is worth its weight in gold, after all, which is why all the really best, expensive books are heavy.

Normally I'd just find this sort of thing out myself. But Reeves, I told myself, why spend hours in that dusty library? It's run by that even dustier mage who hates you! Why spend the time looking through his precious books when you can just dangle a little gold at the good people of 'Brae and have them look for you?

That's a great I idea, I told myself! Let's do that!

So here's the contest. Somewhere in the 400-odd books in that library is the SPECIFIC answer to this question:

"What did the fellow in Skara Brae claim to be?"

That's it! Find that information and you win!

Because whatever he is will help me find- you know what, just ignore I wrote that.

I'm such a generous Governor that I* will reward 1 million gold to whomever finds it out first! AND I'm going to reward 500k gold to a person picked randomly from the other entries, just so everyone has a fair chance! Let it not be said Governor Reeves Quick isn't fair and even handed! (That business in Delucia is entirely overblown.)

But there's two parts to making your entry for the contest!!
  1. First you must drop a book in the library mailbox with your name, the answer to the question, and what book you found it in!

  2. Second you must post that you have submitted your entry to the mailbox on this bulletin board!

That's it! Find the information and do those two steps and you could be on your way to riches!*

There's something like 430ish books in the library and I hear that this information could be in any of them. ANY book that is available to view in the library could have it. But I have it on good authority that the answer is in one book alone! Only the shelves that look like they have books in them actually have books to read, too.

The contest will run starting today from January 16th to January 31st!

The Corwyn Library is here at 56 25 S, 33 40 W in Felucca. Leave your belongings at home (Felucca is a rough neighborhood, I should know! [Actually, just ignore I wrote that])

Good luck!!

*Riches generously donated by the City of Skara Brae, not riches generously donated by Reeves Quick."

*You finish reading the exceptionally long message posted on the tavern wall, and wonder how he was able to fit so much on the single sheet of paper.*


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    *You see another note from Reeves Quick nailed to the tavern wall*

    Vexed! Yes, that's the right word. Here I go to the trouble of misappropriating a nice reward to some book-worm who can help answer the question and what have I gotten? Not a single person seems to have found the answer!


    Well, that's just not good enough, is it? Both for you lot as someone should win this prize and for me because I want that treas-nevermind.

    Anyway, I had me man Burly Phil find us that egghead library desk Elf and beat some clues out of him. It turns out the answer to the question:

    "What did the fellow in Skara Brae claim to be?"

    is found somewhere in one of the fifteen books on the History shelf!

    Find me that answer or I will be -vexed!-
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    *A final note is nailed to the tavern wall*

    Ha-ha! Excellent! My rusecontest worked perfectly!

    Six people entered the contest, and while she wasn't the first entry SweetPeez Meezad was the first to submit a book with the correct entry!

    It turns out the fellow in Skara Brae claimed to be a "Timelord" whatever the bloody hell that means! Page 19 of the book: "Sea Shanties."

    Congratulations Sweetz on your 1 million gold from the poor Skara Braens who foot the bill!

    As for the other half of the contest, the other five total entries were placed into a random pick generator (I shook up a jar) and from that James won the 500k gold prize runner up!

    Thank you to everyone who took part and have helped me lay hands on the-

    *the note ends here*

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