January Event Schedule

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Greetings Sonoma!

The Event Schedule for january is as follows:

January 10th: Governors Meeting @ 5PM PST
January 24th: Treasure Hunt Event @ 7PM PST
January 31st: The eye of Xsygon @ 7PM PST


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    The Eye of Xsygon

    General Franz Fremont:
          I've called you all here tonight, because the Trinsic League of 
    Explorers need some help

    one of their vaults, was broken, and they asked for our help.

    The king had sent some of his royal Guard in advance to assist
    but they have not been heard from yet

    Our contact within the League is waiting for us in Trinsic

    would you assist us and the League in finding the missing
    artifact and royal guards?

    Trinsic League Mage:

    Well, what do we have here?

    Who might you all be?

    [Trinsic League Mage]:

    Ahh wonderful
    you are the help, he promised.

    well, as he may have mentioned to you,
    one of our artifact vaults had been compromised
    and an artifact was stolen

    [Trinsic League Mage]:
       so, we have tasked you with both finding the artifact 
    as well as locating our missing people

    i have some locations that they planned to go to
    and we can start there

    [Trinsic League Mage]:
        i will open a gate for us
    one moment

    [Trinsic League Mage]:
    Was the Eye of Xsygon

    any who some in contact with the eye will be cursed

    they turn into lizard creatures and protect the eye
    converting as many as they can

    and eventually, realease the drag that is imprisoned inside
    a great evil

    [Trinsic League Mage]:
        perhaps this will lead us to the eye

    and the reward for defeating Xsygon

    was told there was 15 requested.
    only 3 confirmed to have dropped (according to those who came back to HOC)
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