Trade: Statuettes (Forest of Dark, Stygian Abyss) and Silver Plated Lampposts

dvviddvvid Posts: 646
edited January 2021 in General Trade
Looking to trade some items.

Forest of the Dark statuettes
I have a Lich (hue 2531) and Zombie (hue 1166).
I'm looking for Tsuki Wolf and Mummy (any hue)

Stygian Abyss statuettes
I have 2 Abyssal Infernal and 1 Medusa. Not sure what I'm missing, but I'm interested in whatever the other Stygian Abyss statuettes are.

Silver Plated Lampposts
I have 2 green and 2 blue.
Looking for Red and Purple.

Atlantic shard.  Let me know if you'd like to trade.
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