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Hi All!

OK, for once (and once only!) I decided to try to actually PLAY UO instead of re-decoing my Homes for the Nth time and ranting about SoulStones & Co.... :D

Could anyone be so kind to care suggest me some template (STATS, SKILLS, Equipment, Pets, etc.) to go dungeoning for Ice Tears stuff?

I have some preferences, in order, for Archers, Mages, Tamers & Bards (to sum up: ANY class that can avoid to actually be in direct contatct with the unwashed... Mobs! :)), but could consider for once to make a "Sampire", if someone will explain to me what the heck it is... :# B)

Cheers & TIA


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    you can get drops with any template if you take a pet try to bring one with fire damage the fastest method is a warrior using whirlwind as its really a quantity over quality thing i run straight Pally warriors no sampire needed my mystic bard does ok as does my SDI mage basically play whatever you have fun with...
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    If you like to play a mage, slayers make a huge difference and a horse or other mount is a must.  You will spend a lot of time running.  The real key is to get to know the lay out so you always know where you are and the best escape route.  Try to play when there are other players there so you can combine forces on the really tough ones.  If you are just starting out stay near the entrance so you can pop in and out.
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    I have had good drops with my bushido/chiv warrior and my chiv archer. I don't have a sampire,  and to be honest, if you just want to have fun and don't worry about being 'top of the tree' as a player, you don't need one.  If you want to keep your distance, as I often do, an archer would do nicely. Mine has archery, tactics, anat, healing, chiv & resist. I don't really care if someone else is getting drops faster then I am, as long as I'm getting enough to claim the item I want, which I am.
    Mystic short bows with fire area and or composite bows with slayer, both with leeches. Jewels with ssi, and the epaulettes from the Deceit event.
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    2 players on LS have used archers for Ice. Wear an ice slayer tali and make a fire ogre or repond and dragon bow.
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