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Devs, please consider giving us gift boxes that you can dye the bottom of the box on the interior. The rectangular boxes are superior for storage than most containers. It would be fantastic to be able to use a dye tub to change the bottom of the boxes interior depending on what you want to put into it. White is the best for most items, but sometimes say a darker interior would be better for some things.

In addition, please consider the Artisan festival final box to be the one you receive when you first pick the gift. The final personalized boxes are terrible for storage. The inside of the box is clearly coded as square but the graphic is a circle. Items do not fit correctly into the circular shape. They spill into the corners that are not *there*.


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    Good idea but they do not allow the whole bottom area in the box to be used in CC. The rectangular ones and square ones do not allow items to sit near the bottoms.  Here is an example.  The items are put in all the way to left and right and top and bottom.  For some reason the round boxes and solid square boxes do not go down as far as the colorful square do.

    Items also do not go very far down, so you can not use the containers for more than 2 rows of items.

    I do not see how the OP thinks the rectangular ones are superior.  They also do not use the whole bottom or left side.  You can not get more than 2 rows of items in them.

    Id rather have them be more useful than colorful.

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    The gift box we get from the Artisan Festival has a lot more usable space than the others.
    I do not see why the OP does not think they are better.

    The space extends over the deco but you can get 3 to 5 rows of items in them, they are not long tho.
    Notice I have my items in a large gump container in the gift box because none of the gift boxes would allow me to store the sculptures and be able to see all of them.

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    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    It's all about esthetics...I HATE the Artisan gift Boxes for storage because items go over the deco and it clashes and makes it difficult to see.  

    Square things in round boxes that go outside the lines is just...OCD!!!!!! They are very pretty though but I do not use them for storage.

    I LOVE the large gump containers and now use those for all of my storage as they are bigger and easier to use and sort.

    Not sure about the OPs idea to dye the bottom of gift boxes.....while an interesting idea I think it's not very useful. Maybe make an option to have a dark or light interior.

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