Engraving Items

There are many items in game that you can engrave.
But there are also items that I wish were engraveable...

fishing pole
basket (any of the craftable baskets


And the reasons why I would like to engrave these...

Tabard & Fishing Pole
....   During the Christmas season I engraved pieces for a character.
I was saddened to realize that I couldn't engrave a fishing pole that had stealing
For The Grinch to equip. I didn't craft it, but found it on the floor and thought
it would be the perfect item for The Grinch. I wanted to write "Used to pull up
presents from Whoville Chimney's"
....  And Santa Claus really wanted words engraved on his Tabard.
(I still haven't figured out what I wanted to put on it, but still saddened that I couldn't.

I used to throw away plants, but after I started helping out with gift giving...
I started cutting them into reeds.
Then I found out, that even if I made the baskets, that they couldn't be used.
You can't engrave them.
I can understand not being able to engrave ones we received as gifts,
but don't understand why we can't engrave ones that we make.


Anybody know of any other items that you can't embroider or engrave?
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