Returning player, 2 questions please

Howdy Folks,

It's been years since I've played, so bear with me.

So I just got my screen to look like I want it to look, I'd like to do the same for each toon.  Is there a way to port the setup to each of my toons, or is it just.....get'er as close as you can?

I can't seem to find any gold coins or checks anywhere on my toons or in the bank.  When I ask for a balance, it basically says...

"thy current bank balance is 0 platinum and 3,000,000 gold.
thy current transfer balance is 0 platinum and 0 gold
thy current secure balance is 0 gold"

I dont mean to sound thick, but what does this mean?

Thanks guys


  • TheoTheo Posts: 154
    Inside your play folder there is a folder for every shard and then every toon on every shard.  If you copy the files from one folder to the other - you will get the same screen setup.  The only wierdness if you need to edit the config file and update the 'last character' slot if you want to log out and log in with the same character.  The same goes for shards if you copy a folder from one shard to another.  Example - I copy one toon from Great Lakes to Atlantic.  I then copy the folder for that character to Atlantic.  I need to go into the CFG file and update the 'Last Shard' number and put the Atlantic one in instead of GL.  If not I log into the guy on ATL and then when I log out next time it tries to log me into Great Lakes by default.   Its a simple notepad fix

    Regarding gold it depends if you are on an endless journey account or a regular account.  For endless journey you can't just drop gold in the bank.  You have to open the banker and then 'deposit' the gold.   

    For regular accounts you can just drop gold into the bank and it goes into your account.  When you want to spend you buy from vendors and it takes from your gold balance.  If you trade with someone you just type the gold number in the trade window.  There are no checks anymore. If you want to remove actual gold you say 'withdraw 2000' and you will get a stack of 2000 gold.  

    1 Platinum = 1 billion gold   

    Once you bank balance gets to 1 billion it switches from say 950,0000,0000 gold to 1 platinum and 50 million gold  for example.  
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,336
    I think the screen setup stays for all toons if you log off and log in a couple of times on the toon you set it for.

    The other things like macros and where things are arranged are toon based.

    The bank menu is used when you transfer to another shard. The toons on that account can access the 3M gold in the bank on that shard.  You would put gold in the transfer account if you transfer to another shard, then it would move to the bank balance.
  • TheoTheo Posts: 154
    Yes I forgot to mention what Pawain brought up - bank balance is now per account per shard - not per toon.  So if each toon had 1M gold before and you have 5 your balance just shows 5 million and all toons can access it.  Everyone can steal your tamers money now. ;-)
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,402Moderator
    This page will help you understand I think.

  • HazHaz Posts: 15
    Folks, let me say thank you for the assist.  I see I've got some catching up to do, lol,

    Theo, thanks for the UI info, worked like a charm.
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