In face of the dragons quest

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In the quest chain "The treasured Sacrefice", the sub quest "In face of the dragons quest":

Shard Europa:
Time:  21.december 2020
Char: doesntmatter

The counter on killing drakes says 0,

So I go kill some drakes and get the message:

So the quest must be done, Can I turn in the quest? Nope

So theres a bug here, I know for fact I was done with the drakes within the past 7days,
but somehow the counter got reset  (your database maintenance yesterday caused this??, I dont know, just speculating)

Within the exact same time range ive done 2 other chars in same quest same dragons/drakes mission, and they went fine, no problem. Its just this one char i ran into problems.

So lets resign the quest on the character and do it all over again,
Dragons - works fine works fine with counter
Greater dragons - works fine with counter

So I am stuck.

Guess I have to call a GM and stuff, will do this when I have the time to wait x hour for GM.
Posting this bug report with pictures takes me an hour along with doing the quest again and waiting for GM etc.

focus on Quality of Service not the new shard.
people are here, right now experiencing bugs. dont spend time fix bugs on a shard that is not online for another 8months


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,701
    Is that char on Heckles Quest?
    I was trying to get credit for this quest
    and didn't realize that the drakes were only counting for Heckles quest.
  • psychopsycho Posts: 293
    Thanks! You solved it!

    Had to resign the "face of dragons" quest
    On the Hecle quest drakes were still 1/16th and not moving,   killed the remaining other mobs on that quest and turned it in to NPC.  Then got the "face of dragons" quest again and its counting as normal.

    Note to Devs:
    When designing quests killing the same monsters it causes problems when having two quests on the same time. Note this when designing more quests for the game

    Two solutions:
    A: Fix the problem
    B: Design non-conflicting quests

    Imagine a new player running into this, if it were an important quests it could be game-breaking and stop advancing.  (note this problem could exist on your new legacy shard as well, if its like production shard.)

    Thanks to Cinderella!
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