The city of Yew has reelected Govenor tacos

psychopsycho Posts: 293

The citizens of Yew are happy and have reelected the Govenour Tacos for a new period.

Govenor tacos decides the city trade buff will continue as is, Guild of arcane arts with +5 Spell Damage Increase, the powerfull mages and necromancers of Yew welcome the trade deal!

Together we will take the treasury to new heights, Krampus will not threaten our important trade routes no more.  Infact the Krampus is no match for our powerfull Mages and Necromaners!
"Krampus punishment list with the name psycho Tacos circled"

Togethere we make the city of Yew the greatest of all time!

All hail the Govenor tacos!
/Govenor tacos
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