I did not run for Governor

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I did not run for Governor

I have been the Governor on Moonglow, across two shards.  It was a blast and I had fun, till the broken promises, the down right lies, stolen Navery hole, the lost banker.

First let talk about the moongate for the Sonoma Brit banking area.  When they had the contest back in 2007 I was not aware that I could have asked for a moongate so did not ask for it, after that I took a break in game (Real life stuff) but when I came back in 2015 I was told by several Sonoma players that if I asked for that moongate today Sonoma would get it.  So I went to the M&G  and I did asked.  I was told flat out “no”.   Had I requested it back in 2007 I would have got it there, but no they were not going to put there today.  Did you know that Cove on some shards has a Moongate, but Sonoma does not.

Then there was the loss of Sonoma Navery hole.  How they came about I have no clue but all the shards were gifted this (I think) but they were not locked down and Sonoma’s was stolen, A request was made for a new hole to locked down at the Sorcery tower, a dang good idea to increase traffic to a forgotten location from 2005, it had a stable master, a banker, a inn keeper, a mage, and a fisher.  An idea location I would think for such a one way gate to Navery.  But no, but if someone was to offer a Navery hole they would be glad to lock it down a said location.  We lost our stable master there with the big hiccup and by a prayer we got it back.  However the joy was short lived when we lost the Banker, the Innkeeper, the Fisher.  When asked was told the Banker would not be returned, thus killing the traffic to that tower.

Did you all know there is a Moongate inside that tower, maybe If I wish upon the Christmas Star they can move it to Brit Bank area?  Might as well as the tower has no reason to visit except for a tamer or two that drops in to drop a pet or remove a pet.

As Governor you were give a option, a chance to pretty up an area of your city, I ask for and was approved for such an area on Moonglow (Siege)  They even went one step further by putting a stable master with this area.  It was great and I loved it.

When I asked for the very same area on Sonoma to be done, I was told no, now I could not see why, they did it on Siege, why not Sonoma?  *Sigh*

So I given up on the role play of the governorship.  I had fun, for that I thank you.
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