Shipwreck items, dyable colors, and more

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why are we getting "table legs" in this tot?  was this an item id typo?  seems totally random and non-related to content.  plus can already buy them for 5k off vendor search as a shipwreck item.

the armor set is dyeable color (no other set has been dyeable color)

the spellbook is noob-bait.  tons of stats but no established player would actually use it.  for pvp you dont rely on a disarmable item, for pve your going to go with max sdi, or slayer. 

and where are my holiday gifts?  (i just want the boxes not the gifts)
  1. do you like gifts?9 votes
    1. i like gifts
    2. i like the boxes more than the gift
    3. i hate gifts and am happy to not get one
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