The Artisan Festival has began!

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That is right, The artisan Festival has began and we already on good way making the yew tree!
So, log on to Europa, do some BODs, Add it to the tree at Yew (South of yew mint), and then you will receive the reward! The three is a collective effort, and we have already many christmas elves working.

Status as pr 3rd December:

Great work citizens!
Thanks for all the effort, Long live the City of Yew!
Harder we work!

/Govenor psycho Tacos


  • psychopsycho Posts: 296
    We have done it!

    Thanks to the great effort of the citizens of Yew, we have a chirstmas tree!
    Dear Citizens of Yew, Log on your favoritte char and pick your reward at the tree!

    Great effort and continious work for the city of Yew!

    Long live the city of Yew
    /Govenour Tacos
  • MilenaMilena Posts: 30
    Skara Brae popped.

    Milena Cindell - Europa
  • MilenaMilena Posts: 30
    We have just started the tree in Moonglow.  Come and join the fun! :)
    Milena Cindell - Europa
  • One quater made of the way for ornaments..
  • MilenaMilena Posts: 30
    And the Artisan Festival is done for this year! We put the star on the Britain tree in less than an hour. (Not all of the contributors are in the pic, but well done all!)

    Milena Cindell - Europa
  • CookieCookie Posts: 1,331
    Congratulations to all involved, very cool. :)
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