The Toys, The Toys, December 17th 9PM EST - Fiction Inside

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Petree grew up an only child and never had many friends. Petree spent his time playing with his potions set and trying to figure out a way for him to make himself some friends. Petree used to walk past the Tinkers guild and imagine that the little toy soldiers and dolls were his so that he could make them come to life and play with him all day. Petree came from a very poor family and he could never afford a toy horse to ride into battles with his soldiers at his back. Petree used to imagine the dolls around him, practicing how to speak to them so that one day when he went to the castle, he could make everyone wish to speak to him and invite him to all of their parties. After hearing that the king was going to deliver some toys to the local citizens for the holidays Petree decided he would make them extra special and be the real hero! Petree studied his books looking for something to help him animate the toys so that the children would be able to have a toy to really bond with. Petree took an old marionette and hung it over his work table, the sad puppet was missing an eye and the strings were all a tangle from when he found it in the garbage behind the old theater. After several reanimation potions and a few summoning spells Petree was finally able to bring the old puppet to life. The marionette told Petree that he was very thankful that Petree had saved him and brought him in out of the cold. The puppet introduced himself as Jack and spoke to Petree about how he was an only child too. Jack thought Petree was a brilliant man wanting to help all of the children and helped Petree to define the very combination that had brought him to life. Deciding to try the potion out Petree goes back to the old theater looking for something else to try. Further under the pile of drapes and carpets Petree finds another marionette looking similar to Jack but missing the other eye and having no strings at all. Petree returns to his rooms and sets the other puppet up on the desk. Petree and Jack bend over the new arrival, Jack explaining that this was his brother and that they had been part of an act in the theater before it was shut down. Petree pours the potion over the new puppets head and says the incantation to bring him to life. Slowly the marionette rattles to life and stands on the table top. Petree giving a jump of joy rushes out of the workroom to gather the supplies he will need to use on the Kings delivery. Jack turns to the new arrival and hisses “Quickly brother, cut me free before the pesky human returns. We will summon the rest of the horde and this kingdom shall be ours!”

Gather at Blackthorns Courtyard for further instructions

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