First Aid Belt is broken

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First aid belt is broken, but in reality, it's more of the CC 'BandageSelf' macro that seems to be broken. It only seems to look for bandages in the main backpack, rather than in any open container. I would suggest the macro be extended to look inside an open First Aid Belt also, or perhaps any other open container, not just main backpack. They have to be used first then the macro will find them, but in my example, having only one stack of bandages, this seems redundant and I believe this defeats the purpose of the macro and the first aid belt.
  • When a new stack of bandages are put in your main backpack (without any other bandages present) the macro will find them just ok and attempt to use.
  • When a new stack of bandages are put in to the First Aid Belt (without any other bandages present) it cannot find them. 
I propose the macro be able to find bandages in ANY OPEN FIRST AID BELT (or all open containers?) in addition to any in the main backpack.

Bug: First aid belt is broken and not finding bandages.
Expected result: Have first aid belt open and with bandages inside. CC 'BandageSelf' should find them and try to use.
What's happening: When First Aid Belt is open and using CC 'BandageSelf' macro it cannot find the bandages, "You must use a stack of bandages before using a bandage macro": Being the only stack of bandages in any open container, the macro should be able to find them.

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