Broken Treasure Map Location

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I got a treasure map for a spot in Trammel by the Underworld dungeon.  It ended up being under the wedding ceremony area.  I clicked around the hedges but that didn't work.  I clicked on top of the grass and stuff but that didn't work either.  I eventually found a small spot that got me digging for it finally (marked with a red X in the image was a spot under the gargoyle corpse).

The chest was dug up and the guardians were killed.  I unlocked it and untrapped it.  Opened it up and couldn't loot it.  The message about something standing in the way happens pretty regularly so I did the usual stepping around the chest but nothing would work.  I tried all areas around the chest and a tile away from the chest in all areas and nothing would work.  I take it the grass tiles and stuff around it are preventing it from being looted.  

This area should be blocked from treasure chests spawning there.  
Alternatively, moving this whole wedding area to a different place would be nice.  It really seems out of place here anyway.  But yeah just blocking this area from chest spawning is probably the easiest, I'd imagine.


  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,654
    They really should just do away with the whole something is standing in your way bit. I've had to tell my pets to stay so I could get between them and the chest.
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