Black & White Dye Colors - Why The Limitations?

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For a decade or more black & white dyes were treated as if they were super secret special or there was some coding issue with them being used as dyes. I do not understand why it was so. Black was only allowed with a dye tub that was given out as a reward. White leather / cloth dye tubs came out 15ish years later. Between that we get Tokuno dyes (which were great) that gave us a realistic white & black dye but limited availability. Then finally we get very nice natural plant dyes that basically make the white / black dye tubs undesirable to use. Why undesirable? The *color* they produce is aweful - they bleed beyond the edges of the item dyed. I hate using them unless I just have to use them vs the natural plant dyes. White leather dye tub is one of the worst, imo.

Why am I bringing this up? Metallic dye tub. This is an extremely interesting dye tub that I have ignored for a long time. I finally broke down and played with it to nice effect. I am very pleased with many of the options it can produce. Why can we not have white & black shades on this? Think about the possibility of creating something that is pearl white with this tub. Something close to the silver white on the bank chests in Luna. It would be fantastic. A shimmery white robe or cloak would be awesome. Or a satin-like black. Please consider this for future dye tubs or add it to the metallic dye tub.


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    Try the metallic on carpets too.
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    The initial black dye tubs were the result of a bug/exploit. I remember when having pure black dyed clothing was rare. They weren't even named "Black Dye Tub", just "Dye Tub". Then they later came out with the Black Dye Tub as a Veteran Reward.

    There's still a special shade of white that can't be gotten from any dye, Dread Spider Silk white, and that too is the result of a bug/exploit, which they've since fixed. There was a Covetous quest where you received Dread Spider Silk that looked like re-hued Wool, and you were able to BoS it to the bank and receive more. You then took the Dread Spider Silk to a spinning wheel, turned it into yarn, then used the yarn on a loom to create a Bolt of Cloth of that color. Hue ID: 1153.

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