where can I get event rewards now



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    MissE said:
    Larisa said:
    MissE said:
    You can't and your points have disappeared.   I got called out unexpectedly to the hospital so mine went to god too.   USELESS. 

    There is NO need to do this, the NPC could stand there for 3 mnths after the event, makes no difference to anyone.  The important date was when the 'drops' stopped, ie the 15th, but there was no need to kill the NPC at the same time. 

    Unexpected things happen.  Just another way to take enjoyment out of an event. 

    That's false

    That date wasn't when the drops stopped....that NPC was up for how long? Do people not read?
    (sorry for sounding mean but seriously)

    Just in case people STILL can't read...

    It states:

    POINTS...not drops...POINTS....

    Will expire

    Everyone had ample time and ample warning....if the points expire on the 15th, why keep the NPC there?

    Should take your own advice Larissa.  I didn't 'say' the date was when the drops stopped but not points.  Read again, seeing as YOU  STILL cannot read.  (sorry for sounding mean but seriously)

    I made a comment that there was no 'need' to do that.   And there isn't.   There is no harm in letting an NPC stand for a week, a month or even a Year after the event actually 'ends'.  The END date of the spawn dropping items is the critical thing here. 

    I can read just as well as the next person.  I knew when it ended, I had claimed all items I had needed  (1100 odd points worth), I had 50 points left for a friend that I had only farmed upon the last day, but due to circumstances out of my control couldn't get home in time to claim them, it doesn't mean that I didn't know when, I did. 

    My point is that  there should be at least some time between the end of the spawn dropping items and the time you have to claim rewards.  You could of got the last 'drop' you need to make 100 points smack on midnight and not have time to get it handed in the way this is set up. 

    As I said there is no NEED to do that. 

    It says the points expire on that date.  Whether the drops stop or not.  We have bills we have to pay by a certain date or they can ruin your credit.  Dates to do things by are part of RL also.
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    Pawain said:

    It says the points expire on that date.  Whether the drops stop or not.  We have bills we have to pay by a certain date or they can ruin your credit.  Dates to do things by are part of RL also.
    So WHERE have I said differently?   Sheesh I said his points disappeared as did mine.  I have not said they were NOT gonna disappear.  I have said it didn't NEED to be done like that.

    Do people here NOT understand basic english?

    I used my 1100 points well before the cut off, can even tell you what I got.

    boots of escaping       2

    Lord morphius ep ssi 6

    gen lenthes eps mana 1

    ranger's cloak 2

     tome 1

     katalkotl ring 3

    I KNEW the 50 points I still had (that I was holding for a mate) were gonna disappear when I couldn't get back from the hospital by 3pm, I had only farmed them that morning for him as he was working, had no intention of being stuck at the hospital for 6 hours.  

    You guys need to read english not read stuff and then say what you THINK I said.  Saying it didn't NEED to be like that is not FALSE information, the devs can design anything they like.   I was making a comment only.  False information would be if I said the stuff could be claimed any time after the 15th which I did NOT say, Nor did I say anything different to how it was.  In the other thread on FUTURE rewards I said it would be better if they allowed selection of rewards for up to a week after the event 'stopped' and that is MY opinion ONLY and I am entitled to it.  

    Done with this, not my problem if basic english comprehension is out of style.

    Cheers MissE

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    Bilbo said:
    popps said:
    What beats me, really, is why sometime Design decisions end up aggravating paying customers, that is, players....

    I mean, to my opinion it would be obvious that Design decisions should always have the end result to help out and facilitate players, not aggravate them....

    Just because you are looking for easy mode doesn't mean every body else is.  If I have %100 chance to do anything and everything in UO it will become boring, why play a boring game.
    How would, having MORE time to get wanted/needed Rewards be "easy mode" ?

    Sure, there is people who can play extensively, good for them, other players, though, depending on their real life hurdles, often do not have that much time to spend on a game.

    Which it ends up for them, consequentially, if the time window of a given Event is too short, to NOT being able to get any and all Rewards from that Event which they need/want.

    This problem, now, if further aggravated by Shard Bound items (which I am absolutely in favour of, for a number of reasons which I mentioned in other posts, do not get me wrong here...) since, on low population Shards, it "may" be (not necessarily it will be so, but the chances can be in this regards), that a player wanting certain Rewards and playing a given low population Shard, may not then be able to find them for sale, after the Event is gone.

    The solution, to my opinion, is NOT removing Shard Bound, that is great, to my opinion, for a whole bunch of reasons I already explained in other posts, but RATHER, to provide to players most ample and large windows to play these Events so that they can have all time they want to get all the Rewards that they want and, make more available up for sale on their low population Shard.

    Frankly, with that list of Rewards, I am astonished that only a little more then a month was given to players...

    I mean, if a player wanted to get 1 of each Reward, a player would have needed to collect some 1,405 points (drops) which, in a time span of a little over a month, would have meant an average of 35 to 40 drops a day, EVERY single day.....

    While I am sure that there have been players who were capable, thanking to their extensive time possible to play, who averaged even more per day, I think that it is necessary to look at the largest mass of average players, not those few players who can squeeze the most out of an Event which are a very low minority.

    Not to mention, that it may well be that players might need multiple of a given Reward for several of their characters and, on several Shards that they play on being these Rewards Shard Bound.

    So, by taking all this into account, the end result is that, for a player who needs to get several Rewards for several characters and on several Shards, it becomes an almost impossible task to gather the several thousand points that would be needed in such a short time.

    These Events, especially when the Rewards are appealing and wanted as it happened with this Event, need to be run for much longer, to give to the "average" player, NOT the most efficient players, sufficient time to be able to get all the Rewards that they want/need, for all of the characters that they need, and for all of the Shards that they play on.

    Items should be readily available, not an exclusive thing of a few players.

    Items readily available means their price being affordable, or possibly players being able to get them on their own and this, helps tremendously New and Returning players and, thus, helps to increase Ultima Online's players base.

    Items becoming an exclusive thing of a few players who are more efficient in getting them, help only those few players who can then gouge prices up for those items making them an impossible reach for new and returning players and, thus, hurting the numbers of the players' base for Ultima Online.

    It is not about making things easy, it is all about making these Rewards possible and within reach for ALL of Ultima Online's players and not only those few players who are most efficient in getting them.

    This is how I see it.
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    I'm sure the devs will thank you for the feedback, but since this thread seems to have turned more to sniping at each other I'll end it here.
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