How to refill Craftingstations?

Hi! I have a smithing press, Fletching station etc and the UO webpage says to just dropp tools on them to refill them but, can't dopp tools on them, nothing happens exept for the accidental placement of the tool ontop of the Craftstation. Is this thing broken or did they change how you refill them or something?


  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,328Moderator
    The tools have to be dropped onto a receptacle that is part of the tool.  Here's the list from the vet reward page:
    • Add charges to the Sewing Machine by dropping sewing kits on the stool.
    • Add charges to the Blacksmith Press by dropping smith’s hammers, sledge hammers, or tongs on the crates.
    • Add charges to the Spinning Lathe by dropping appropriate tools into the bucket
    • Add charges to the Bow Stringer by dropping fletching tools into the rack
    • Add charges to the Alchemy Station by dropping mortar & pestle into the small drawer
    • Add charges to the BBQ smoker by dropping cooking tools into the smoker section
    • Add charges to the Writing Desk by dropping scribe pens into the small chest
    • Add charges to the Tinker Bench by dropping tinker tools onto the stool
    • Add charges to the Glass Kiln by dropping blowpipes onto the front shelf (acts as a heat source when lit)
    • Add Charges to the Sculpting Tool by dropping hammer and chisel into the receptacle.
    • Runic, Ancient, or speciality crafting tools cannot be added to the power tools.
    • A context menu allows security to be set on the power tool to limit who can use and deposit tools into the attached receptacle.

  • DOH! I have it placed in a corner sp i didn't see the crates! Thanks for making me look like the idiot i am XD
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,543
    you can also double click on each "crate", to open them.
    makes it easier to add the tools
  • I noticed. Thanks! :)
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