i love limited time events, but we need better communication on start / end times.

i love limited time global events.  i wouldnt even do these events if they werent limited time. 

that being said, its very hard to plan how i will spend my play time because times are extremely inconsistent.

some events last for half a year (or more) some only 1 month.

i barely participate in the ones that just keep going and going (its easier to just buy the items after a few months when they come down in price)
but the shorter the event, the more i want to play it.

pretty much all games announce start and end dates (even time of day)
why is there no announcement on uo.com, or the login screen of when things end.  it seems like basic communication that shouldnt even be an issue.


  • TabinTabin Posts: 30
    The vendor outside deceit shows the end date for turning in artifacts.  Doesnt mean the event cant end early and the vendor will be up there for stragglers so i do agree that some addition clarity would be nice!  
  • SmootSmoot Posts: 393

    treasures of deceit event i agree was announced well (as long as the npc is accurate)

    what i dont think was handled well at all was the black gate event.  there was no indication that i know of (except a random meet and greet) when it would end.  not the end of the world, but if we had known when it would end, players most likely would have spent a little more time there instead of deceit (i know i would have)

    im hoping that "Dark Forest" timeframe can be announced well, in prominent place that players see. 
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