Minoc Dart Tournament. 11-18-20

The town of Minoc is sponsoring a dart tournament for the citizens of the realm.  Wednesday the 18th of November at 8pm in the tavern "the Barnacle".  Any skill set can throw a dagger or hatchet (can not be a newbie weapon).  It will be head to head, three throws each (three more if a tie) and high score wins.  there will be prizes for the winner. look forward to seeing you there.



  • AngusAngus Posts: 7
    Sorry, to change this, I have inescapable real life commitment.  I am moving the date to Monday the 16th at 8pm.
  • AngusAngus Posts: 7
    Hello Atlantic, forgive my rookie mayor mistakes. we had trouble locking down a dart board in the tavern and had to find a new place to lock it down. the new location is the archery butte on the north east side of Minoc near the stables.
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