Paroxysmus area

Hey all,
I have a sampire and I don't think it's all that great. Seems to be okay for some simple things. Been trying to get the paroxysmus mount, but the Putrefier is kicking my butt. What are decent skills and stats to use for that area?

I have:
Anatomy 110.8 or Resisting Spells 102.6
Tactics 120
Parrying 100
Bushido 113.1
Chivalry 120
Necromancy 100
Swordsmanship 120

I know for a fact that my hp is too low.. way too low..
HP 118 without greater str potions
Stamina 152
Mana 40

Demon Slayer Double Axe:
HSL 50%
HML 87%
SSI 30%
Damage Inc 40%

Thanks in advance.
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    I feel Rend and Putrefier are some of the non-boss level tests against a basic solo sampire build. If you cannot solo kill one then need to relook at your template. Higher level test are all the bosses in Eodon, Peerless, Abyss. 

    The sampire is not “God Mode”. It can die from Blood Oath, overwhelmed by spells attacks, poisoned by high poison, disrupted by paralysing moves, disabled by life taints, slowed by stamina-draining hard hitters, etc. Need to know when to run away to heal or cure, when to lure, where to leech (HP), how to whirlwind (nearest target error), when to use Honor Self, when not to use EOO. 

    Putrefier is still tough if there is no 4xmastery bard supporting it. But it really does not need support, as a good and experienced sampire can solo fight it with caution.

    I have 2 sampire built differently. One of them has 75 resist all, and 80 energy resist wth only 20DCI after refinement. Reason is that it dies most often from long range spell attacks not melee. Come near my sampire and all monsters are dead, but sampires cannot defend against a barrage of spell attacks. Evasion has been nerfed due to the PVP changes - they are making changes that causes undesirable effects to other areas. 

    120 parry with 20 DCI, uses Bushido 120 with CounterAttack (CA). You might do fine with 120 parry and 45 DCI if decide not to use CA. HCI always 45.

    Move SSI out of weapon, so weapon leeches are higher, and add HLL. If you can get 100 Damage Increase elsewhere, then use Whetstone to remove weapon damage increase (DI) and do the following.
    HLL 81
    HML 81
    HSL 50
    HLD 50
    Demon Slayer

    If not, based on the above maybe need to swap HLL for Damage Increase. If you have 30 HLD on helmet, can consider swapping that for DI too. You can keep DI up to 50. 2nd slayer on Cameo is better than Enemy of One because of other spawns nearby. Weapon should be 100% cold or energy double axe with demon slayer. 

    SSI 20 on jewels, 10 from Insane Tinker legs or Morphius Epaulette. 5 from Ranger Cloak or Cameo. Some are hard to get or not regular items. Overall you will need 35 SSI on your character to swing Double Axe at max speed of 1.25s.

    Use Swordsmanship mastery tier 3 onslaught with double strike special move. How to do this:
    - Activate onslaught
    - Attack Nearest Enemy
    - Hopefully it hits the target and you get a message that shows "You deliver an onslaught..."
    - Then activate double strike, normally can do at least 3 times before need to do onslaught again.

    HP 150 or at least 140, bring along Trinsic rose and Enchanted Apple. Stamina 180 or higher. Strength should be 120-125. Keep stamina above 150 for 1.25s swing with Double Axe. HSL should work fine but if you need use Divine Fury to regain faster. 

    For monsters with no Blood Oath, pick anatomy over resisting spells.

    It may be hard or expensive to build a good sampire, but its worth it. The above is not everything. As mentioned I have 2 sampires.
    One with no DI on weapon and with +30 skills (total is 750 skills)
    Another has DI on weapon and with +60 skills (total is 780 skills)

    HP 149
    Mana 66
    Stamina 190
    DI 100
    HCI 45
    DCI 20
    LMC 50
    120 Sword
    120 Tactics (max Mastery damage)
    120 Parry (Bushido pairs well with Parry, Counter Attack, Confidence)
    120 Bushido
    120 Chivalry
    100 Necro
    80 Anatomy or Magic Resist
    780 skills

    Sorry I cannot share how I achieve such skills or the items would get too expensive and/ or nerfed by some inexperienced naysayers in this forum. There are some players going all out to make gameless enjoyable once you share them and they are not bugs or exploits. 
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
    ESRB warning: Some Blood. LOTS of Alcohol. Some Violence. LOTS of Bugs
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