Atlantic Tram Castle for sale!

Looking for a premier property for your collection? This is is.

Located on the Yew - Britain road east of the Minoc, Yew, Britain intersection and west of the mines, Water jut to the north. This castle features a wonderful front yard, little spawn, and a well lit front area do to the 6 permanently placed lamp posts out front. The Castle will also be eligible for its historic banner in about 22 months. Great community environment around the area.

Teleporter pad available on the entry to my vendor house south side of Luna. Take the quick trip and explore the area. You will be very pleased.

Offered at 35 Platinum or best offer.

Contact me via one of the ways in the signature please.

Lord Nabin
High Council Sage
Ancient Conclave of Wisdom

ICQ 248-636-691
Discord Lord Nabin#5433


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