Dear Devs, is it intended that a pet needs to be discorded to train in healing ?

This is, after a certain skill level (past 100 I understand).

To me, it does not sound as reasonable that by ordinary playing it is not possible past a certain Healing skill, a pet would not increase its Healing unless the pet was discorded.

Imagine that.... a player to train one's own pet in Healing, past a certain level, they need to get a Bard, discord the pet and have it poisoned continuously ?

Excuse me ?

Is it possible to see this being addressed so that training Healing on a pet would become possible through ordinary game play and not have to use these work arounds and tricks ?



  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,070
    Pets go to 110 healing without being Discorded.
  • poppspopps Posts: 3,378
    Pawain said:
    Pets go to 110 healing without being Discorded.
    And past that ?

    Is it possible, through ordinary gameplay, to get to 120 Healing without the constant need to have to discord that pet ?

    Not to my knowledge....

    Instead, it should be possible, by all means....

    Also, considering how many pet's abilities are either broken or just mess up the playability of that pet, I would say that the Developers should gather as much as possible feedback from Tamers and then make a comprehensive overhaul of the pet's training and pet's abilities so as to fix what is broken and what works bad.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,070
    This is why you are not getting Deceit drops. Stay on track.
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