First Aid Belt - Bandages Being Looted By Mobs?

I have the first aid belt from the old Khaldun event. I have never had an issue with the bandages being looted until the new deceit treasures event. I carry 500-1000 bandages. I had a lich loot them on death once. I saw the looting message after I died, got ressed, and there were no bandages in my belt. I went back, killed the lich, and there was the entire stack of bandages. so far this has only happened once. Is this intended or is this a bug in the new events?


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    Any chance the bandages just weren’t in the aid belt? (Without you realising)
    If the aid belt already holds bandages and you try to add to them, it won’t add unless you drop the bandages over the belt itself (rather than opening the belt and trying to drop the bandages onto the existing bandages in there)

    Reason for my doubt is I died sooo many times to these liches having nothing on me but bandages (in the belt) and haven’t experienced this.
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  • No, they were in the belt.
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    Yup never lost bandages from the belt. Die often in Deceit. The mobs steal light things first now.
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    I have had this happen.
    but they steal about 100 at a time from me.
    And this started before Dungeon Deceit.
    But I use the enhanced bandages and don't get them back.

    When the invasions were going on, the thiefs would steal them.
    I would see the messages about them stealing and thought it was food.
    Then when the Titan would die, my stuff would be returned.
    I had 300 enhanced bandages returned to me in Moonglow.

    other than the thiefs, during the invasions,
    the only thing that loots my bandages are Liches.
    but they never take the whole stack out of the first aid belt.
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