Treasures Event - Where Have The Healers Gone?

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Devs, what did you do with the healers in Deceit? It's a pain to get a rez now in off hours. Apparently you also upped the paragon spawn rate quite a bit. The event was very challenging and fine as it was with the healers and the spawn rate. Now we all spend half our time fighting paragon rams and poison elementals. We have them coming out of our ears now. Sometimes 3 and 4 of them stacked in small areas.


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    The NPC at the front heals you.  Dungeons don't have healers. Some use a second account that marked runes all over that gates their fighter out and smacks em on the butt and sends em back.

    One of my toons stands at the entry and if anyone calls I will gate them out heal them and send em back.
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  • Those healers on level 3 of deceit where only there because of a em event a few weeks ago i believe.  They also took away a very handy trap door tele from the 1st to 3rd lvl. 
    I also keep my tamer outside for a quick rez. Though I forgot about marking runes through out the dungeon to make things faster..
  • The healers made things much more enjoyable. I don't care if it is not normal to have them, it was a good thing. And, yes, there have been resurrection in some dugeons in the past. Deceit first level, the ankh used to rez people a very long time ago.
  • I meant third level of covetous not deciet for the rezzing ankh.
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