the UO year is 404 not 2020

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One of the worst immersion breakers in UO is using the real life year.  the only other huge RP breaker equivalent to using the RL year, is saying the shard name on items.   

from a very quick calcuation using UO time, the year in Sosaria 404.  saying "written in 2020" was a terrible choice for anyone concerned with game immersion (most game designers try to maintain a coherent in game world, independent of the real life world).  i can understand the RL year being using for things like anniversary items, because by nature an anniversary already is outside of game.

but a book called "Book of Lore" i think its safe to assume this means IN GAME lore, not the lore of the real life year of 2020.  i read the book, it contains nothing having to do with real life 2020.


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    I've run into this issue with the stories I write. The larger problem, though, is that if it is year 404 going by the day/night cycle in game and the game 'started' in year 289, events like the splitting of the facets and the burning of Trinsic are getting past a hundred years ago in-game. For roleplaying purposes our characters who experienced these events are thus either SUPER old or were born well after.

    To me a more sensible solution would be that while the day/night cycle happens perhaps Sosaria just spins on its axis really fast. At 2 hours of real time for every earth day or 12 Britannian days per real day it thus takes 4,380 Sosarian days for one trip around the Sosarian solar system/one year. In which case it's more like year 309-310.

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