Activate deceit event on europa please

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@kyronix ;
Over the last 6 months europa has seen its fel pvp community turn from around 10 active players to over 50 that is excluding the guys who aren't involved in the pvp and are champhunting again. 

By my reckoning its been around 10 years since the replica items got added to champ spawns to give us somthing extra to hunt, This was fantastic but its been so long since we could fight over a new objective. 

My opinion is that the whole games economy is based on an active felucca . Eg. You want to farm Good items to get rich to decorate your house in rares - you need pvpers to buy those items you farmed. (Many more examples available) 

The above noted id like to request that the deceit event be turned on for europa (and other shards) 
As a shard we are "popping harrowers" with no intention of killing the harrower or working different champ spawns to boss level and announcing in gen chat just to give us an objective to fight over.

I have a number of ideas which would promote fel in the future and bring back more returning players which the europa shard have discussed in length, however ill save this for another thread or discussion

P.s I like the event and even the shardbound although it would be nice to choose between shardbound or accountbound that way if I ever moved shard I would still have the item myself but not flood the market.


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    @Thandor This request has already been made, and threads expressing it excessively trolled. I am therefore going to lock it. It won't stop Kyronix from seeing it, but it will stop trolls from despoiling it. I have corrected your spelling of Kyronix's name to aid you.
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