Silver Crow Buccaneers - A Pirate Experience For Those Who Love The Sea (Catskills)

ValisValis Posts: 44
Taking hold of an abandoned fortress near the Trinsic coastline, Norrar the former First Mate of the United Pirates and now Captain of the Silver Crow Buccaneers returns once more to seek his fill of fortune, rum and adventure! Calling out to all who feel the tug of the ocean at their heart and can wield a blade, he is recruiting more and more to his crew!

Does the excitement of plunder grab your attention? What of good drink and never knowing what tomorrow will bring, yet facing it head on all the same? If you be so brave as to call yourself a pirate, then Captain Norrar will welcome you aboard his ship.

Seek him out at the Gilded Cannon Fortress, a place where all can relax and enjoy their lives without worry of prosecution. Best not let your guard down too much however, for pirates are known for a good tavern brawl!

*OOC* If you are interested in joining, simply message me here or on Discord (Corathan#2510). You can also leave a message with contact information on the bulletin board at the Fortress. We will follow all standard Catskills RoE, all templates are welcome. The only real stipulation is that you look the part of a pirate! No neon clothing or robes here! There is much to do on the seas and shores, we will take what is ours and be damned those who say otherwise!


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