Returning player wants to reactivate but no support

I have a friend that wants to play again after 10 years of inactivity. He knows his account names and passwords and can log in via EJ but has been unsuccessful in activating. I showed him how to link his accounts to an EA master account but it's saying those accounts are already linked. He must have done it in the past and forgot the email address he used. I then told him to email and they haven't replied in nearly a week now.

Do you guys even want new subscribers? Is anyone manning the support post?
Hello?!?!?! *echo*


  • Tried that too. I had him email @Mesanna directly today. We will see what happens. Don't know what else to do :(
  • SinaSina Posts: 32
    contact @AtlanticRealtor ; , He always help people with account mgmt. related problems.
  • Sina said:
    contact @ AtlanticRealtor  , He always help people with account mgmt. related problems.
    Thanks! He also already spoke with AR. Running out of options here. Can anyone help?!?!  Its been over a week and not a peep from support. (Yes, he has been checking his junk/spam folder) 

    @Kyronix can you help? You seem to be the only active dev on here.
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