Unstacking things

Lady_StormLady_Storm Posts: 400
I have been in the middle of stripping an old placed home and took down the "Grass Tiles" flooring from my roof.  They were stackable before placing but seem to not stack now.  With the stacking chest gone from Britain how do we fix this?  
Other things too have come up unstackable.  Odd things not usually with stacking problems. 

@Kyronix @Bleak ; can one of you lend  a hand on this..  Outside normal requests to make things stack  This is opposite .. Things that stack are not stacking.  

P. S. if you can think of the other items we need to stack if you can fix that too will be appreciated.


  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 1,123Dev
    There are different "facings" of the grass tiles, so you can't get one giant stack of them.  If they stacked before hand into their respective piles, they will as well now.
  • To: @Kyronix
    This I wish was true. I did know of the 4 facings of the tiles be it snow, grass, or sand.  Will the chest be replaced for the fix to stack?  I noticed the Seed box in Nujelom was not working as well. I tried to get a large bag of random seeds to match and nothing happened not even a auto message.

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    Amazing how I have 42 pieces that wont stack that did stack before I locked them down.If there are only 4 piles how is this possible?

    We need the box back so those that know the secret can use it.  Thanks
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  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,692
    i found when you retrieve these tiles, they don't stack in your main backpack.
    you have to drag them into another bag, one tile at a time.
    Then they should start stacking again.

    I did notice that there are 8 stacks of grass tiles.
    The original four grass tiles don't stack with the ones that comes from the tokens.

  • Cinderella  I did that drag to secondary bag and drop one at a time. Nope they did not stack. This is a real issue and we need the box back.  perhaps they can make the box do double duty for seeds too as the seed box is doing the same thing of not stacking like it was made to do.
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