Loss of wonderfully happy bonded pets. WARNING!

RelvinianRelvinian Posts: 29
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Hello I unfortunately experienced have a major bug that can easily be reproduced.   When logging in, a bonded wonderfully happy pet will sometimes disappear off of the server, never to be seen again.  I have now found two ways that this can happen, but I expect that the bug is one in the same.

1.  When you log out in a champ spawn zone, your pet logs out with you.  If you allow your character to time out and log back in, you are booted to a random shrine as designed.  The problem is your pet will appear with you in the dungeon area, but it may not follow you to the shrine.  Quickly checking character status shows 0/5 follower slots.  Logging in and out may or not bring back pet.  If pet is brought back, I still show 0/5 follower slots for up to a minute.  I have lost more than one pet permanently in this situation.

2.  If you log into the game, and quickly cast recall to another sub server, your pet may not follow.  Today I logged into Luna and my pet was there. I told him to follow me and recalled to my house near Wrong and my pet was not there. I recalled back to Luna and he was not there either.  My follower slots showed 0/5, I logged out and back in and no pet.  I paged a gm, waited for a bit and logged out and in again just in case.  Luckily my pet was with me but again my follower slots still show 0/5. This corrected itself after 20-30 seconds, but long enough for me to pull up snipping tool and take a screenshot.

I think the bug has to do with how a pet will reappear multiple times when your character is logged in.  Possibly if your character is not in the same location as originally logged in, your pet may not know where to appear?   I do know that a GM will not assist in this manner,  I waited for the GM today with my pet next to me and still got the same automated "we cannot replace lost items or pets".  You would have thought he could see my "lost" pet next to me. 


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