"We're creating the greatest shard that can never be your home" is a bold strategy, Cotton.

Do you yearn for the days when Ultima Online was a thematically coherent game taking place in a complex living world? Do you pine for an era when there were no purple elf ninjas riding dinosaurs, the economy wasn't Zimbabwe levels of inflated, and sometimes you talked to other players? Well have we got just the thing for you. Come to the Legacy Shard, and there you can experience the true spirit of the Ultima series as you band together to explore and shape the world before you.

For a little while, like I dunno a year or something? Then we will absolutely obliterate every bit of it, just plow it under like manure. It's cool though, because you'll be able to ship your character off to a production shard where a purple elf ninja will ask why your armor is so bad and offer to sell you some new gloves for ten times everything you earned killing daemons on our low-fi pseudo-retro shard for a year.

What, you dreamed of building taverns and rune libraries, establishing institutions in a world where the graphics all look like they belong in the same game and we'll probably be dead of old age before anyone has billions of gold? Rubbish. We're going to plow it all under, and whoever fed the most grist into our mill over the year shall be presented with, oh I don't know, maybe some sort of shiny new hat to wear on their production shard. You guys go wild for that sort of thing.

PS: No you can't sell the hat.


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