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Q: What is Ultima Online: New Legacy?
Ultima Online reigns as one of the longest-running MMORPGs of all time! For 23 years countless players have forged a legacy in the living, breathing world that is Britannia. Now, for the first time in 15 years, we are welcoming new players and old to forge their Britannian Legacy in a brand new shard focused on returning Ultima Online to its fundamental roots as an RPG.

Q: What is an Ultima Online: New Legacy shard?
Ultima Online: New Legacy is a new server that launches with the original map of Britannia using a customized ruleset focused on a core RPG experience.

We have completely rethought, reworked, and redesigned several core gameplay experiences with the goal of rekindling the classic feel of Ultima Online – focused on keeping true to the roots of Ultima as an RPG!

At the core of this experience is your new Britannian Legacy. Throughout gameplay you will be living your avatar’s quests throughout Britannia with each adventure . Where will you go? What battles will you fight? Will you rejoice in victory or taste bitter defeat? What friends will you make? What enemies will you best? The choice will be yours as you forge your new Britannian Legacy – a legacy that will be told for generations to come!

Q: Is Ultima Online: New Legacy an Ultima Online Classic Shard?
There is no magic dial to turn back Ultima Online to a specific era. Times have changed and expectations have moved past what the landscape of MMORPGs was like in 1997 and beyond. So in short, no, this is not a 1:1 recreation of a classic UO server in any given era. What we have done, however, is to rekindle the magic and nostalgia that drives the core desire to experience a classic server. As we have stated, we have completely rethought, reworked, and redesigned several core gameplay experiences with the goal of rekindling the classic experience of Ultima Online – focused on keeping true to the roots of Ultima as an RPG!

Q: What are the core gameplay experiences you have rethought, redesigned, and reworked to rekindle the roots of Ultima Online as an RPG?
With a franchise that dates back to the 1970s, a game world that has been live since 1997, and over 85 years of combined game development experience on the team, we have seen and learned a thing or two! Our primary focus with Ultima Online: New Legacy has been to take that experience and apply lessons learned to create a new world where players can experience the classic nostalgia that has made Ultima Online a game like no other for over 20 years! We have expanded upon what works, redesigned what does not, and improved the game world as our technical limitations have expanded all while not being hindered by the limitations of an elder game world.

From the game world, to skill & gear progression, to resource gathering & crafting, to socializing & PvP we have strived to make gameplay as immersive and intuitive as possible.

At the heart of all these experiences is the goal of every character on Ultima Online: New Legacy – a chance to live your Britannian Legacy and forge your place in history for generations to come via the all-new Legacy System!

In the coming months we will be highlighting these features in our monthly newsletters, so signup if you have not already!

Q: What is the Legacy System?
The Legacy System is the engine by which you write your avatar’s story as they live their life in Britannia. Imagine writing a memoir, but instead of using words on a page after the experience has concluded you instead live those experiences in real time within the world to be seen by generations to come. Earn special commendations and medals for acts of Virtue, become the subject of epic tales found in libraries throughout the realm, be memorialized as a true Britannian hero with statues, paintings and busts and build a family name to be preserved for future generations of your avatar – all this and more will be possible with the Legacy System!

Q: What is different about Ultima Online: New Legacy versus live Ultima Online?
Ultima Online: New Legacy is a completely custom ruleset server. While the fundamentals of gameplay remain the same between a live server and Ultima Online: New Legacy the implementation of those fundamentals has been redesigned to focus on the roots of Ultima as an RPG.

At the conclusion of each season of Ultima Online: New Legacy the world will end in a cataclysmic event and will be reborn with fresh adventures to be had and a new legacy to be forged!

Q: How many Ultima Online New Legacy Shards will there be at launch and where will it be located?
There will be one Ultima Online: New Legacy shard at launch located in the US.

Q: Who is eligible? Do I have to pay to access Ultima Online: New Legacy or can I access it with an Endless Journey account?
Both active Endless Journey accounts and paid subscription (veteran) accounts will be able to access the Ultima Online: New Legacy.

Q: What will happen to the live game during development of Ultima Online: New Legacy?
We have spent the last several months rebuilding the back-end of our content tools so that we can release content while minimizing server publishes. These dynamic content tools will allow us to do global quests, “Treasures of” events, and Champ Spawns to support our upcoming Fall content schedule which includes The Black Gate, The Undead Lords, Forest of the Dark, and Tears of the Ice Dragon.

We will also continue to support the live game and address any critical issues as they arise.

Finally, some of the systems we are developing for Ultima Online: New Legacy will also have a place on live – which includes some often requested system enhancements. Be sure to sign up for the Ultima Online newsletter as we showcase these features in the coming months.

Q: What types of gameplay can I experience on an Endless Journey Account?
Endless Journey accounts will have similar restrictions to live UO. Additional restrictions will apply to content that is exclusively available to Ultima Online: New Legacy.

Q: Will there be housing?
There will be limited housing available for paid subscription (veteran) accounts which does not conflict with live UO housing. We will be taking a deeper dive into housing, and all features, in our upcoming newsletters – so signup if you have not already!

Q: Will you be releasing Ultima Online: New Legacy on other distribution platforms?
In order to enjoy Ultima Online: New Legacy you will simply need to download the client from UO.com and login to the game using your account credentials – it is as simple as that!

Q: When can I expect to play this shard?
At Broadsword we believe in quality in our games. We spend the time and resources to ensure our products are polished, tested, iterated, and smoothly launched. Ultima Online: New Legacy is our biggest and boldest endeavor in over a decade and we want to make sure we get it right – while we have a target release window in mind, our bigger and more important goal is getting it right and opening the shard when it is ready! You can stay up to date on our progress by signing up for the Ultima Online newsletter!


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    Q: Will there be rares? Server births?
    There will be exclusive treasures to find on the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard!

    Q: What happens with the Shattering? Why should I spend any time on a shard that is going to ultimately reset all of my progress?
    Ultima Online: New Legacy is about forging your new Britannian Legacy! While things like the economy and the game world will be reset during the Shattering, players will have an entire year to forge that legacy! In-game items and events will serve as mementos to that legacy that will be experienced by generations to come. This is your chance to write your character’s place into Britannia’s history!

    Q: Will I be able to transfer to/off of the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard?
    Players will not be able to transfer to the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard. At the conclusion of the Shattering characters will be able to transfer off the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard keeping all their skill, stat, and legacy progress they earned to shards with available character slots. Non-shard bound items and items earned via the Legacy System can also be transferred off.

    Q: Will there be live events on the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard?
    Live events will offer your avatar the ability to earn unique rewards and recognition, especially as you forge your new Britannian legacy! The global events will help tell the story and immerse you into the narrative as you follow the lifecycle of the shard from start to finish – the question then, is how will you be part of that story?

    Q: Can I play the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard with both clients?
    Yes. The Ultima Online: New Legacy shard will support both the classic and enhanced clients.

    Q: Will I be able to purchase items from the Ultima Store on the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard? What happens to these items after the Shattering?
    Yes. There will be a limited number of store items available on the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard. Unless the purchased item is shard bound the item will be eligible for transfer after The Shattering.

    Q: Will I be able to claim vet rewards on the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard, what happens to these items after the shattering?
    Players will not be able to claim veteran rewards on the Ultima Online: New Legacy shard.

    Q: Will there be open-world PvP?
    The Ultima Online: New Legacy shard will support open world Player vs Player combat using an updated Vice Vs Virtue framework.
  • Of all the things that they could have announced today, I will say I like this idea. Well done.
  • I do like the idea!  I had to laugh at this line though...

    spend the time and resources to ensure our products are polished, tested, iterated, and smoothly launched
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    Will my player be legendary at the end of year?  Is this shard going to offer an alternative to the current requirements for obtaining legendary status?  And, once I have obtained legendary status can I move on to another shard or do I have to stay on this one for the entire year? And, will this shard provide an alternative to using stat power scrolls or the way they are obtained so I can raise my stats by 30 points?  Thanks
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    Thanks for posting the faqs.
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    I'm thinking you are thinking legendary means 120 skills. They mean legendary like in 'wow they are so awesome, their story will be told for centuries just like Hercules.'
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 651
    Thanks for the clarification.  Yes 6 skills at 120 is what I am referring to.  A fully maxed out character.  If I am to invest a year playing on this shard the outcome has to justify the investment.
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