Whetstone of Enervation - One use only or unlimited?

I used it for the first time last night and when I log back in I couldn't find the stone anymore. I googled and checked different sources and no where mention it's only for one use but I just can't my stone anymore. Can anyone confirm please? 



  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 921
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    The Whetstone of Enervation is consumed when used. You must use a new whetstone each time you remove the damage increase property from a weapon.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,096
    The weapon ate it.
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    Woo..... that's why! but seriously? 

    It's so hard (to me) to get one and it can only be used once? 

    You need to kill 12+ unbound EV for 60 shame points, then kill 3 guardians on 3 levels in fel to make sure the item drops and just to use once?

    Worst case it should come with charges and then you can re-charge the stone in a more player friendly and less grinning manner? 

    To be honest it should be a BS BOD reward instead of monster killing reward if you ask me. 

    What it does is merely to remove a beneficial property so we have more flexibility on the mod we want, instead of making the weapon more powerful why make it so difficult?!

    For 2 handed weapon it may not be an issue as the cap is 550 from a NPC weapon, which should be enough for most cases even there are 5 mods at max intensity, but why make 120 points of blacksmith totally irrelevant when crafting the most powerful weapon in the game that not even artifacts can come close? and I can't even have my name marked on this powerful weapon what a shame.....

    This is so unbalanced in many ways am I the only one complaining? 
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    I have 727 shame points on a toon and more than 500 crystals in a chest to give to others.
    You get 5 when you kill the mages or EVs at the bottom of shame. 

    I take another player to fel so we have guaranteed drops and can alternate to avoid the cooldown timers.

    They are a nice item for a poor player, Something they may not want but can sell for 5M+.
    Does not take long to kill the bosses with 2 players.  I use mine for deco rocks, hehe

    Way better than the Putrid hearts from Despise  I have 12,000 of those and the rewards are useless.

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    As I said I will get around the "issue" with using NPC weapon, but yet another example that the developers put in their effort from design to coding to testing where in the end no one cares about. I actually fell sad for them even they may have been long gone. 
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,096
    Can sell whetstones easily.  I think they did a good job for those. There is a need for the item and average players can get them.  Like I said, try the Despise points.
  • AragornAragorn Posts: 292
    All good if it's just me
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    I'd agree with @Pawain. Also like you said if we are talking about most weaps (that you will actually want to use); a NPC weapon has enough points to do the trick.
  • it's not 100% drop from each champion?
    and what cooldown timer? uoguide don't have any info on that
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,096
    shiny said:
    it's not 100% drop from each champion?
    and what cooldown timer? uoguide don't have any info on that
    In fel each boss drops a part guaranteed. You cant respawn the same champ over and over, there is a timer. 
    So with more than 1 person you do 2 champs then go pack and let another player do two.

    You get get info from the real source:

    The Flame Elemental Guardian will sometimes drop Corrosive Ash (100% in Felucca)

  • thanks!
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