Buying Legendary Ring and Bracelet

Edited as I have smartened up on what I need and how the stack works.

Looking for a PVM ring and bracelet that "EACH" have the following for

+60 points or more in the following skills

Skill Group 1 = Magery
Skill Group 2 = Spirit Speak
Skill Group 3 = Stealth or Focus
Skill Group 4 = Evaluate Intelligence or Mysticism or Necromancy

In addition

Spell Damage Increase +15 or greater
Fast Casting +1 or greater
Fast Casting Recovery +3 or greater

I would consider something close

Contact me with location and price. PM, icq, discord, or email!
Lord Nabin
High Council Sage
Ancient Conclave of Wisdom

ICQ 248-636-691
Discord Lord Nabin#5433
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