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Hi All, @kyronix Devs, etc.

I was thinking about all the various monster statuettes. They are Deco, normally I just bin them for clean-up points, then sometimes I get more and more, and regret it because they look quite cool, and could have made a collection by now.

I was playing with my boys yesterday, and we got the Dread Spider statuette off Mephitis, which the boys went nuts over, it's a really cool statuette, like many others ingame.

Then I was thinking about the distribution, and the way you obtain the various statuettes.

Now this idea links in with the current distribution of veteran rewards also, the fact that the veteran rewards are in fact overloaded with good content that players will find fairly impossible to get their hands on as many as they want - especially recently as veteran rewards are being deleted by IDOCS (a good thing, no issues with this). There are a multitude of ethereal mounts, dye tubs, engraving items, soulstones, craft stations, and various other really useful veteran rewards. There are way more than enough great picks.

There are also around another 40 monster statuettes included in the Veteran Reward picks, In addition to the other deco statuettes than can be obtained ingame - such as Slime from the Piper, Obsidian Warrior from Rikktor, Dread Spider from Mephistis etc.

My idea is this; pull the monster statuettes out of the Veteran Reward picks to balance up Veteran Rewards, and put them into the various correct monsters as a very rare drop off that type of monster. Then introduce a type of Huntsmans Challenge type quest, that gives an additional stage reward and then a high end reward for collecting all of these monster statuettes ingame.

The idea here is, the statuettes are fun to collect, look cool, but unobtainable atm, it would be a hunting challenge right throughout the game content, including back into all the dungeons, which have little point currently, it would give an entirely new challenge within the game that is fun, a big reward could be introduced for those that obtain all, a great objective, and it would balance out Veteran Rewards.


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    Great idea if they drop in your pack.
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    Pawain said:
    Great idea if they drop in your pack.

    Current content like this, does indeed drop in your backpack.
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    I miss the statuettes from IDOCs.  You need to be able to turn them so you can set up a battle scene.

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    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    I wonder if anyone would waste a veteran reward on a statuette these days. Making it a drop or reward from the boss monster or huntsman sounds good.
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    They should have always been a craftable/taxidermy'd item. 
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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