Disappearing items

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since the last patch, theres been reports of items disappearing.

friend had blessed spellbook, as well as other items gone off character

another had an EM item poof out of his backpack

i just noticed myself, 2 bags of arties were gone from my bank box.
i never move anything from the bank on that character, unless its going on a vendor (its my vendor stocking guy), banks usually almost full.  logged on theres only 63 items.  i keep multiples of the items i stock and obvious which ones are gone.


  • CookieCookie Posts: 1,309

    I have had friends who have suffered from this also, yes, it is a rise of complaints I've noticed.

    But it seems to have calmed down now, It was happening about a month ago.

    One of my thoughts, is does this tie in with a massive increase in the use of Enhanced Razor or other 3rd party programs by players? (Which I have also noticed). Because Razor makes items vanish in your backpack, although they are not really gone, but it is then easy to do something which genuinely loses the item if you were unable to see it and had forgotten about it. I think 3rd party programs are buggy, and could be causing this. That is one option. I have a feeling the moderators won't like me posting this post, but it could be one of the reasons.

    Or of course, there could have been a buggy patch.

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    i dont know about razor, never used any illegal third party programs (havent even used uo assist in over 5 years) but yes it seems like this patch screwed up alot of things.
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    it happened to of all things my fav shovel but i logged and re-logged and it was back 
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  • just happened to me 1 second after I purchase the gloves of the holy warrior from the event NPC.
    I saw the gloves for 1 second in my backpack and then "poof" gone...
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 2,290
    Log out and log back in
  • I tried, I also restarted and made a file check
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,333
    Happens to me too sometimes.  Usually, when taking something out or putting something in.  I use EC.  When I log back on the item is back.  Does not happen too often.  But, for awhile item is not in my hand, not in my pack, not in any other container, and not on the ground.
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