"A Mask of Sapphire"

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Anumi sat quietly observing two tomes at the table in his chambers, contemplating what would happen next. His gaze drifted to the bloodied dagger sitting on the table next to the tomes. He smirked for a moment and thought about what was happening in the streets outside. The peasants, slaves and servants of Nujel'm had risen up. Many of the shops and
establishments have been burned. Many nobles have fled the island. All that remains are a small contingent of the deceased Sultan's followers; whom were being outnumbered by the newly freed. A knock came at the door of Anumi's chambers.
"Please, come in." Said Anumi.
A shadowy, cloaked figure entered the chambers and sat across from Anumi at the table. He lowered his hood and spoke:
"Good evening, my friend. I see everything is going just as you said... You'd think, after all these years, I'd stop doubting you."
Anumi smiled as he closed the tomes in front of him and stood up. He then spoke:
"It is good to see you too, 'Carmine.' It is almost time for us to assume leadership and lead these people to prosperous lives." Said Anumi.
He then took the bloodied dagger off of the table and walked across the room to another table. He picked up a cloth and as he was about to start cleaning the dagger, observed the blood on it for several moments. Anumi then decided against cleaning the weapon and placed it onto one of his bookshelves instead. He then continued:
"The Sultan's men outside, they are gravely outnumbered. Soon, they will seek refuge in our manor."
A puzzled look came over Carmine's face as he inquired:
"Refuge? Why? Guillotine the bloody lot of them. Surely, you don't mean to let them in?"
"I would, but only for temporary safety. Please instruct the rest of the manor to prepare for guests." Replied Anumi.
Carmine nodded as he reached into his satchel, removed a few rolls of parchment and set them on the table. As one of them rolled closer to the two tomes, the runic writings contained within seemed to glow. This caught the attention of Anumi as he looked at the glow and then to Carmine.
"Gifts for you. Some of the men found these while searching the chambers below the palace." He paused, looking absentmindedly at the scrolls, "Let's hope this all goes better than last time." Said Carmine, rubbing his eye.
"Last time you didn't have me." Anumi nodded as he picked up one of the scrolls and examined it. He then took the other two scrolls and placed all of them on the bookshelf next to the dagger.
After several minutes of talking, a hurried Mazetti guardsman came to the doorway of the chambers. He bowed and stated:
"There are several of the Sultan's men outside the manor. They are seeking refuge from the angry townsfolk!"
Anumi looked at Carmine and nodded. They both then stood up and prepared themselves.
"Thank you, please show them inside." Said Anumi as they both left the chambers.
Anumi walked down the long hallway and up to one of the windows. Outside, he could see fires burning and masses of people gathering outside of the gates. After a few moments of watching, Anumi's attention was drawn to the sounds of the Sultan's men entering the main chamber. Anumi smiled as he
began walking towards them. Approaching from the opposite hallway, Anumi could see Carmine and several cloaked Mazetti family members.
"Hello my friends! Please, do not worry, you are safe inside here. The manor may be the last safe haven in all of Nujel'm!" Said Anumi. He then continued:
"Please, take a few moments to gather your strength up."
Several of the Sultan's guardsmen showed a sign of relief. Anumi smiled as he nodded towards Carmine, who returned the nod. Anumi then made his way to the main entrance of the chambers and exited. The crowds outside could be heard yelling and chanting. Several of them demanded that the Sultan's men be handed over for their crimes. Anumi motioned to the gathered crowds as he was about to speak:
"Citizens if Nujel'm! My brothers and sisters! You are now free!"
Several of the people in the crowd began to cheer as Anumi continued:
"The crimes of the Sultan have not gone unpunished! The Sultan is dead!"
Many of the cheers and chants in the crowd grew quieter, as several of the newly freed were unaware of the Sultan's fate. Anumi looked around at all of the faces in the crowd and smiled. He then continued:
"Please, we must remain calm during this time... Together we will work to rebuild Nujel'm! The Mazetti will help you lead in this endeavor!"
After a few moments, several in the gathered crowd began to chant 'Mazetti' while others were grumbling amongst themselves. A voice from the crowd called out:
"What of the Sultan's men!?"
Anumi chuckled and turned to face the entrance of the manor. He then waved his hand slightly. After a few moments, the Sultan's guardsmen were ushered out through the main entrance by the Mazetti family members. Several of the
guards had their arms bound, or daggers pressed up against their throats. Anumi then replied to the crowd:
"They have had your freedom, your servitude... They looked down on you your whole lives! They beat you! They abused you! These are your new servants!"
The members of the Mazetti family then forced the Sultan's men to the main gate of the manor. They opened the gates and forcibly removed the guardsmen who were quickly apprehended by members of the angry crowd. Anumi
"My brothers and sisters! You are free now!"
The crowd erupted into cheers and chants of 'Mazetti' and 'Sultan' to which Anumi smiled at. He then waved to the chanting crowds as he returned to the main chamber of the manor with the rest of the gathered family. After a few
moments Carmine inquired:
"Is'at right, then? Th' new Sultan, true?" asked Carmine, assuming his accent again.
Anumi chuckled and replied:
"It appears so, my Vizier."

Carmine smirked as he began to walk back to his chambers...

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