Europa August EM Events

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Ok - I saw this in the RAAM guild discord, these Europa EM Events have been scheduled for August - tomorrow and the next day, Wednesday and Thursday evening! I've linked it into the Wraiths guild discord, and also the Europa server discord - being the places I read most.

I've not seen it highlighted anywhere more official, so here it is just to help awareness a little more, I've not heard anything about these or our EM situation to really know what is going on, but here it is.


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    This is the link;

    Here is another screen regarding times.

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    And thanks EM Sarah for the 2 Events, I personally enjoyed them, and my guild had a lot of luck, it was good all round. I believe I was Greedy enough, died at least 10 times, which is quite rare for me, was beginning to get annoyed, then we pulled it together. :)

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