The lost Avatars of Sonoma

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Someone said that left over Avatars would/could cause some problems with the shard crashing.  Here are four on Tram.  I know of two belonging to EM Willow, the other two could very well be older or player own, (Barkeep).  Would be good to post the locations so that someday they can clean this mess up.

Remove Trap = Bad News
Treasure Hunters


  • There is a lot to clean up. There are random invulnerable giant turkeys in some of the fel dungeons. Would be nice if that stuff would go away. 
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    EM Xanthus said that he thought he got all of the Turkeys.
    I told him that i saw one, but couldn't remember where i saw it.
    If you right down the coordinates of the location, then he can go there to delete them.

    Example (using sextant):   

    This oracle was used to find the stealable dolphins.
    I forget where the others are located.
    I think there were 8 of them, but not sure of the count.
    I don't remember what the key words were either.
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    I didn't know these things were a problem. I've seen tons of them on Chesapeake. Should we all be reporting them..?
  • Here's one of them, ill post them as i see em. 
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    Jepeth said:
    I didn't know these things were a problem. I've seen tons of them on Chesapeake. Should we all be reporting them..?
    All I know is...
    that I told EM Xanthus that I liked the new Oracles.
    And he told me that the old ones were causing the shards to crash.
    I told him that we have lot of them here.
    he told me to give him the coordinates and he could remove them.

    And about the turkeys, He placed them.
    After complaints that they were still up, he went and removed them.
    However, I believe there were 40 of them and he missed some.

    When we were talking about the oracles, I told him that I saw a turkey at one of the dungeons.
    And he was surprised that he missed one.
    I couldn't remember where I saw it, because i was marking runes.
    So any I find, I have to give him the coordinates for.
    The 4 digit numbers in my pic, are the ones that he needs.


    As for the other shards, you will have to ask your EM if they would remove stuff like that.
    The oracles I was referring to, are the ones you have to say key words too. The Turkeys we are talking about, were used in a scavenger hunt & didn't have key words to say.
  • Here's another turkey in fel deceit level 1
  • Xan has deleted both of the turkeys. I will find more! Thanks EM Xan
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